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Am I Tumblr-worthy now? With fairy lights, I’m all ready for the autumn to come, but where are you….. Why is it still so warm….. I want to wear comfy sweaters and use scarves and wear winter hats and….. 

But please note my beautiful Rilakkuma+silver “curtains”. Who has money to install curtains in Korea?! Not me, that’s for sure, so here are my blinds à la Daiso’s wrapping section. Lmao.

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03/2013 - Yokohama,Japan


빛나는 AFTERNOON, 1:08 to 1:11

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Seriously home sweet home!! I’m so happy that I have a home to come back to. Met couple exchange students on the plane, immigration, and on the limousine bus to our suburb and the fear in their eyes was something I truly don’t miss. I helped a Danish guy out by telling a taxi driver which university campus he was trying to reach because unfortunately you should know the Korean name of the university too because the chances, that the taxi driver in a suburn is going to know the English name of it, are slim. (at least in this case, there was no chance the taxi driver would’ve known the English version of the name)


EXO - Die Jungs

Hahahah taking a same class with a guy from 2PM this semester, a class that’s tomorrow night. Miracle if he shows up~~~ and for a celebrity, he sure has a predictable and lame email address.

sunset; en route heathrow-hong kong

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지금 놀자

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Turns out I can’t meet my sister at Heathrow after all :( Different spelling of my surname prevents me from getting all my boarding passes at one time (ä!! always the same problem) and because of the mess the UK is in right now, I was advised by a Finnair lady not to go through passport control in Heathrow T.T not enough time so no point in risking missing my connecting flight.

Voi voi.

I have fully charged ipad and a soft pillow with me so bring it on, 16 hours of flights!! (plus 5 hours of layover time)

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Baggage checked in all the way to Korea and I’m in my hometown airport waiting for the plane to Helsinki ^^ Though I hate the fact that I have bazillion layovers, I’m so excited to be able to see my sister lauraloviisa during my London stop just for a moment. International family much?


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holy!! i’m so proud

My boyfriend did one type of promotion test (a pre-진급시험?) and he passed it as one of the 5 guys out of almost 70, meaning that he will be promoted to 상병 (corporal, 三 stripes) one month early, so he will get the new badge already only one month later!! Super amazing and so impressive ♡ 넘넘멋져 


but he is for sure forgetting his english grammar… that’s what you get when you don’t practice a language.