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okay, Tablo……


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I moved out from my parents home when I was about to turn 16 (omg 8 years ago…) so it’s understandable that I still have lots of stuff in my parents house that I have hauled and carried from place to place, country to country. The stuff that is still waiting for me to have a more stable home that I can actually call a real home, not just a place I live in. I have nice Finnish design kitchenware, nice sheets, towels, instruments - anything a home needs - but we all agree that it’s too much of a burden to try to take them with me now since it’s not sure whether I will live in Korea for a longer period of time or I will be moving to another country or returning to Finland (with my boyfriend of course~). 

I want to say sigh, but I made my bed so I better sleep in it ^^ I will take some little things with me to make my Seoul home even nicer place to live. It’s a small home, there’s no way round it, but it’s cozy. Also boyfriend likes it, but hopefully these little things will make it even homier~~

My Korean phone number doesn’t work in Finland so I’m not able to pay my uni fees in the first registeration round but I hope it doesn’t affect my ability to register to classes……… Our office said it shouldn’t be a problem but……. I always stress about things!

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JapanLA - Rilakkuma Pattern … from on Wanelo on We Heart It.



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everyone in korea probably has seen the racist jr pub sign? i have nothing to add to the conversation but i just find it hilarious how many people i’ve seen post that picture as their own or as “my friend took it” on facebook and other social networks. lmao.

cloudy rainy days in the north~ better than heat though.