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one christmas my mum bought me underwear with this same text :””’D i still might own them… anyone who knows me, has a “great” story of me being a complete bitch when i wake up and then an hour later, after i become a real human being, i apologize for my foolishness. 

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Selected works from Natalya Lobanova.

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Luka, 8 weeks. <3


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munsoo kwon f/w 2014

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girl’s day cutie line


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still no tv

i’m debating between buying a second hand tv (even those old bulky ones would be fine) or if i should just join one of those streaming services to get tv access (and 다시보기)… second hand tv (or a cheap new flat screen) would cost me between 6-15만원 but the streaming is 5천원 per month… i already pay for tv access in my management fee so i don’t know what i should do. buying a tv means i can always sell it forward but getting ipad/laptop tv access means i can enjoy tv anywhere (already thinking about being bored on campus). 

(i’m a really weird friend; i might not talk to a person for a few days and then i start a conversation with a random topic (such as asking them for an opinion for my oh-so-important tv dilemma). i love the finnish expression for this though, “asiasta kukkaruukkuun”, literally “from a thing to a flower pot”. amazing transition to a random topic when there is no way to make a segue.)

anyway, tv. boyfriend recommended me to just continue torrenting the tv shows that i want but i feel like i’m missing out on the pop culture by not having access to all prime-time tv. 

Should probably get a life…

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