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i made these gradient grids for my phone bg but i thought they looked cool



finally a UN that can bring peace and happiness to the world

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now that the finnish broadcasting company has enabled most of the domestic content to be streamed abroad, i have to start watching the finland’s swedish channel again to gain some fluency back in swedish. i have absolutely no problem understanding swedish but when i try to speak something, i keep forgetting simple words and for some reason i can’t distuingish what is finland’s swedish spoken language and what is “swedish swedish”. 

i keep getting these ‘a-haa’ moments when i hear a word that i forgot i even knew, which is pretty amazing considering i graduated high school in 2009 and haven’t used swedish since. and i don’t even know any german so i have had no language connections to swedish since my high school days so i have to applaud my brain for storing my language skills all these years. 

How Tablo & Hye Jung show affection for each other.

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Onew’s face though..

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I'm just walking home... There is a fire in a bc bang here in my neighbourhood. at least was......

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Patbingsu with green tea ice cream


thanks lifelovekorea & itssarahssaem ~~~ it does seem like he just deleted his kakaotalk because he disappeared from facebook too… i have no idea what happened between him and his girlfriend (of one month), but he is taking it hard…….


she loves shopping


did I get blocked by this friend of mine? is this how blocked people show up or did he just delete his kakaotalk id??

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Are other people getting increasing amount of spam calls lately or is just me who is catching up to everyone?? I have had at least one spam call come to my way since last Friday. I never answer my phone if I don’t know who is calling but most of the time the number begins with 070 (internet phone) and even the 010 numbers I’ve searched online and the results show that at least 30 people have been searching for the same number withing an hour so indicating that it is spam. What is life.